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Author page: Lauren Ramsay

“Most of the men making these claims have never watched women’s sport in their entire lives” – PRUDE speaks to transgender rugby player Sophia Cathcart

Discourse surrounding transgender people in sport is not a new topic of conversation. But the problem with these debates is that the majority aren’t coming from fellow athletes, but outside observers. Thankfully, it seems sports governing bodies for higher education are trying to give all students a fair opportunity to compete. They’re doing this by…

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Amanda Akokhia/ Francesca Anderson/Canva

Campaigner Leanne Pero on young people with breast cancer, disparities for the Black community and always trusting your gut

You may have seen her on Lorraine, on a billboard somewhere in the UK, or modelling Pineapple Dance Studios clothing for Next – Leanne Pero is making conversations about cancer more inclusive day-by-day. A cancer survivor, body positivity advocate and founder of Black Women Rising (BWR),  a support project for people of colour with breast…

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