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Author page: Georgina Crothers

‘I feel extremely guilty’: How sex lives are affected by antidepressants

“I had no desire for sex, but I knew he did and that made me feel terrible,” says 25-year-old Nina*, one of the many people to suffer sexual dysfunction as a side effect of antidepressants. During her first months on antidepressants, Nina was in a relationship. Her boyfriend was understanding of her low sex…

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Men stop watching porn

‘I would think about it during sex’: when porn becomes a problem

“The first two weeks were hard,” says 20-year-old student Nico*. “I got physical withdrawals, like insomnia, and I got angry over little things. I couldn’t get those same dopamine hits anymore.” You might think these are the side-effects a recovering alcoholic would experience. But no, Nico’s affliction is the result of something 74 per cent…

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