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We are PRUDE.

We are PRUDE.

Hello! We are PRUDE, a collective of young writers, designers, and filmmakers who can’t shut up about sex.

Like us, your first encounter with sex education probably involved putting a condom on a banana, receiving the classic Mean Girls-esque “you will get chlamydia, and die” talk, and calling it a day.

It goes without saying that this is – for lack of a better word – BS. Where were the conversations on orgasms and pleasure? Consent? The mental health aspects around sex? Periods? Masturbation? Sexuality? How to have homosexual sex safely? Coming to terms with sexual identity? Well, this is where we step in.

Here at PRUDE, we are a platform for young people of all genders, sexes, sexualities and identities to open up conversations surrounding sex.

Welcome to the family! We hope you enjoy our content. Now let’s talk about sex, baby.



If you have any concerns about the content of PRUDE, please contact Ben Falk, head of the Magazine Journalism MA at City, at [email protected]

The PRUDE Team

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